Ácido Acético

Ácido Acético

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Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, has the molecular formula CH3 COOH. When dissolved in aqueous solution, it is a weak acid. Pure water-free acetic acid is called glacial acetic acid, since its freezing point is slightly below room temperature. In aqueous solution, it solidifies at much lower temperatures. Acetic acid is miscible (mixable) with water as well as with several organic solvents.

It can be produced by the action of air on alcoholic solutions in the presence of certain bacteria such as Bacterium aceti. Dilute solutions (4% to 8% acetic acid) prepared this way from wine, cider or malt constitute vinegar as we know it. Industrial production of concentrated acetic acid is accomplished through different processes, such as the chemical reaction of methanol (methyl alcohol) and carbon monoxide (CO) in the presence of a catalyst or by oxidation of ethanal (acetaldehyde). Acetic acid boiling point is 118 °C and its melting point is 17 °C.


  • Due to its descaling action, acetic acid is used in the chemical cleaning of dialysis equipment (in 2.5% to 5% solutions, depending on the equipment manufacturer’s recommendations).
  • As a complementary action, acetic acid acts as a bactericide.

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