Dicloro Granulado

Dicloro Granulado

Posee un elevado contenido de cloro estabilizado, eficaz microbicida y alguicida.

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It has high stabilized chlorine content, it is an ease of use and dose product and it is also an effective microbicide and algaecide. It lacks the disadvantages which are specific to other types of chlorinated products such as hypochlorites (liquid chlorine), which react with water salts producing the formation of precipitates and waste that obstruct filters, valves, etc.

Used for cleaning, it performs the same functions as concentrated household bleach, acting as a powerful disinfectant in those areas which are more prone to contaminant accumulation. Since its free chlorine content is less than that of its equivalent sodium hypochlorites, Granulated Dichloro proves less corrosive on contact surfaces.

Instructions for use

Granulated dichloro is diluted with osmosis water at a ratio of 50 grams to 1 litre. This produces 40 grams/liter of free chlorine, which are equivalent, as regards bactericidal power, to 100 grams/liter of free chlorine in liquid sodium hypochlorite. This is due to its formula, NaCl2C3N3O3 + 2 H2O = NaH2C3N3O3 + 2 HOCl, which gives Dichloro a great bactericidal advantage over other chlorinated products.

Testing conducted at Oxidial

Test 1

Activated carbon filtration of chlorinated water at a free chlorine concentration of 1 ppm:

  • Granulated Dichloro: Inhibited
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: Inhibited

Chlorinated water dosed with 3 ppm of sodium metabisulfite in the presence of 1 ppm of free chlorine:

  • Granulated Dichloro: Inhibited
  • Sodium Hypochlorite: Inhibited

Testing requested from IAC

Test 2

Free chlorine Sodium cyanurate Waste verification of Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate (NaDCC) in water after a reverse osmosis process dosed with metabisulfite:

  • Free chlorine: Inhibited
  • Sodium cyanurate: 0.005 ppm

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