Detección de residual de formol

Detección de residual de formol

Tiras reactivas para determinación de residual de formol


AldoCheck Formaldehyde Reagents is for detection of slow levels of formaldehyde in water. The reagent will react with formaldehyde to a pink to red colored complex. The reaction is temperature dependent. That is the higher the solution temperature, the fastest the reaction. However, in normal testing environment, the testing temperatures are usually fall between 21-25C (or 70-77F). Because of the variation in temperature, the test results are only semi-quantitative.

The test kit

The test kit consists of a bottle of blank strips, 1 vial of formaldehyde color developing reagent and a color comparison card. The bottle contains 50 strips. The regent vial must be store in a refrigerator. The strip bottle can be store at room temperature.

The sampling strip contains a special paper pad which is not specific for a particular lot of the color developing reagent and has not specific expiration date. However, the color blocks on the label may vary slightly from lot to lot.

Test procedure

  1. Dip the strip in the sample and gently shack of the excess water.
  2. Place the strip with the test pad facing up on the color comparison card, or on top of the bottle cap.
  3. Add one drop of the formaldehyde color developing reagent onto the pad.
  4. Wait 5 minutes, then, compare the color of the strip with the color chart. For qualitative positive/negative result, the strip color must be read up to 7 minutes.
  5. Perform negative control with DI or RO water at least once when the reagent vial is first opened, or more frequent if needed. For positive control, apply one drop on a tissue paper.

Important Precautions

  1. Replace the reagent vial cap tight immediately after use. Unsealed vial may lose the potency of the reagent.
  2. Do not expose the reagent to temperature higher then 30 C. For long term storage, keep the vial in a refrigerator. If the reagent is to be used only occasionally, keep the vial in the refrigerator between use. Once the vial is opened, use the reagent within one month.


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