Detección de residual de peróxido

Detección de residual de peróxido

Tiras reactivas para la detección de Peróxido residual

About the Test

The peroxide based disinfection solutions usually contain a mixture of peroxyacetic acid (peracetic acid or PAA) and hydrogen peroxide. For testing of residual peroxide, the test should be broad and equally sensitive to both the peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide. RenalCheck PX test strip reacts equally with both peroxide chemicals. It is used as a residual test for peroxides to assure complete rinsing of the chemicals.

Product Features

Fast and sensitive.

  • Color reaction complete instantly without waiting.
  • Reacts equally with peracetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Detection sensitivity is about 0.2 ppm

Very consistent

  • Consistent color reaction from lot to lot.
  • Reliable results every time and all the time

Easy to read colors

  • The strip color progresses from cream white to very light green, green, blue to dark blue.
  • Green, blue colors are very easy to read even under poor lighting condition.

Long shelf life, stable at room temperature

  • The dry strip is stable at room temperature.
  • The shelf life is at least 3 years from the time of manufacturing.

Simple Steps to Use

For disinfection of dialysis machines, dialyzers, RO or water distribution system, the final rinse water should have none or less than 0.5 ppm of residual peroxide. The simple strip test can verify the compliance of the water quality.

  • Collect the test sample in a clean cup from the sample port according to the manufacturer of the dialysis system.
  • Dip the strip in the test solution for one second.
  • For midstream sampling, wet the strip in the stream of test water briefly.
  • Gently shake off the excess water.
  • Compare the strip color to the color chart on the label.
  • Any trace of green color is an indication of the presence of residual peroxide.

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