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La solución integral de insumos para hemodiálisis

We are devoted to the manufacturing and marketing of OXIDIAL® as well as other hemodialysis inputs. Since OXIDIAL S.R.L. has branched out from fg Ingeniería, it is backed by its many long years of experience in hemodialysis equipment design and manufacturing.

The Company


The professional staff working in our plant comprises specialists, chemical engineers focused on product development and technology management and quality control biochemists.

Since its creation in 1999, our vision at OXIDIAL S.R.L. has been to represent the integrated solution for the supply of high quality inputs to dialysis centers and services.

Productive Unit

OXIDIAL S.R.L. manufacturing plant is located on fg Ingeniería premises, in an area especially designed and built for OXIDIAL® manufacturing.

Such a plant was built in compliance with the “Good Manufacturing Practice for Medical Products” technical rules, as detailed in regulation No. 0191 of A.N.M.A.T. (the Argentine equivalent of the Food and Drug Administration).

There are clearly identified specific areas within the plant, which are intended for raw material and packaging material storage, product manufacturing and end product packaging and storage.

Within the manufacturing areas, which are enclosed and isolated, there are both mechanical ventilation and filtered air systems in order to prevent product contamination.

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